Random Thoughts B4 Breakfast

Finnish guy came for worship after visiting BLC website! Wow!

Gareth starting to make funny faces.

Bruce Lee’s fights are so intense. Love the F1 style howls and the post enerygy release on his face. The “symbolic acts” in “Fist of fury” was cool e.g. kicking the chinese and dogs not allowed signboard in pieces & tearing the East Asian Sick Man Paper.

Visited Uncle Lim. Cancer is deadly. We shook hands a bit. He could at least touch Gareth’s feet. It was hard for me.

Got a little “stiff-neck” (not metaphorically) after waking up this morning.

where on earth is my Mobile phone?

“Reading the Scripture” is more than just muttering words from the printed page. It’s “Speaking for God”. I think the participants got the “seriousness” of their task at the workshop.

MPPJ library closes at 2pm on Sunday. Missed it again! (I learn slow)

Managed to send two “illuiminations” for HELP CF devotions.

Adam recited the “love the Lord with …” passage .. touched deeply.

An Island in the sea (where the kids hang out), adults sitting on little boats (i.e. the chairs) – that was a last minute inspiration.

Why is it “arriving late” seems to be the norm especially for corporate Christian gatherings big or small? We’d never dream of that when meeting the Agong … but why meeting our “heavenly Agong” gets the second best … or the worst.

I’m late … no phone … Augy waiting .. good to have a friend to meet for breakfast.

Restraint is an art when it comes to artistic expression … so is volumn. We need to learnt the art of dynamics in our musical expression.

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