MORE THAN ENOUGH … Aquisition or Abundance

A short episode but carries long term effects on me. Reflected on 2 Kings 4:42-44 and the phrase (a kind of promise from the Lord) saying “they shall eat and some left over” (v. 43) grabbed me!

When I think about what I have now. God’s “provision” is enough for me, but actually in many ways it’s more than enough until we as a family can extend God’s blessings to us to others. There’s this guy from Baal-shalishah who’s anonymous here this scripture – a no-name faceless character whom God uses. Can’t help but think of the little boy who offered the 5 loaves and 2 fishes to Jesus to feed the five thousand. But, that doesn’t matter because when God provices he can use anyone .. and it’s often more than enough

i think the trouble with many of us is – we feel what we have is not enough. Somehow, there’s a leakage maybe – who knows? And thus, our mode of operation in life , tends to more “acquisition” (not that acquiring is wrong in itself – it’s a natural part of life – but as a default mode. I don’t think so where I wannt to go!)

But, in Christ … we’ve even got “left overs.” The picture is “Abundance”. That totally revises our vision of how we are living. The illusion is we live out of emptiness, dryness, poverty … and we’re only “meaningful” if _______ or if ________. I’ll still grant a hint of truth in that. But that’s far from the whole truth when one has bowed their lives to Christ. Lord have mercy on our foolishness.

a quick skim on the earthy realities here …
– One look at my bank account – okay my face isn’t on Fortune 500 – but I enjoy more than one decent meal every day. In fact, afterwards it’s gonna be roast pork (siew yoke) rice.

– I’m extremely thankful for the place the LCMS allows me to stay. I admit – the termits are still working over time here and there, but it’s become our home. It’s good to have a home.

– The green Kancil has served us well through the years. I enjoy driving the TOYOTA Unser when i have a chance it is cool and stable, but both have 4 wheels and an engine that’s running.

Talk about all the basic necessities – I don’t think we lack anything. And it’s good to have “extras” here and there. I haven’t talked about relationships, surprises, new discoveries, and so on yet …

My non-Christian friend told me last week that I look “contented”. I wonder what he meant. I take it that I appear “satisfied” with life (hhmmm?!). It’s not the first time I heard this. If it’s just learning to walk through a “gratitude” & “thanksgiving” excercise above then he’s right, I feel that “I am contented” as far as my “life in Christ” is concern (in a healthy way). I’m know I’m accepted, and I’m still learning as Christ’s apprentice and growing to fulfill his call as an ambassador for His Kingdom. I’m thankful, my mind is taken off many anxieties which could have been potentially crippling as a human(they are still there … it’s just their powers over us become more limited).

But, there’s is some “discontentment” in me – if I’m honest (and I think we all do anyway – it’s a matter on what area). For me, it’s especially in terms of the mission I believe he’s entrusted me with. I feel there are a lot more people non-Christian or Christian who need “Christ” and the Kingdom message to allow a transformtion to take place in their outlook, worldview, values, ok … the whole deal! Not as “presented” with the so many added embellishments that confuse people like my friend – but getting to the core of it all first – “Mere Christianity” according to C.S. Lewis.

We need to get some “stuff” or “baggages” out of the way … so all may gain access to the “Abundance” that’s already available . Maybe it’s hidden to the eyes of some for whatever reason, but like those 3D pictures popular a while ago- just because one can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there! As a Christ-follower our mode of operation is out of the “Abundant Life” he’s given us. It maybe hard to see much in 5 loaves and 2 fishes … but it depends who’s hands it is given to …

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