Gareth & me … WOW!


all thanks to GrandPa and GrandMa Long (May Chin’s parents) for training this young lad to invest his “stuff” into the potty rather than the pampers.


this boy is jovial and full of joy as his Chinese name “ler” alludes to. he’s pretty gentle as well … he cries when shocked (I thought that was normal) but also when people suddenly make loud noises (whether it’s laughing or shouting).

wow! in the month of October he’s gonna be a one year old boy!

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2 Responses to Gareth & me … WOW!

  1. Robert Brow says:

    What wonderful pictures for me to picture you in the run up to your ordination.

  2. Tita says:

    Thanks for sharing with the pictures of you and your son. I thank God for all the blessings God has been showering you and your family and also on me through you and your ministry.


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