Just watched the trailer for Mel Gibson’s Movie “Passion” with Kelvin at A Fan Website for Icon Production’s “PASSION”

My newly baptized Christian Kelvin said, “hoah! it’s so real”. I felt … I had nothing to say. Just a sense of awe.


A comment by Michael Novak says “Gibson’s achievement springs not solely, not even mainly, from a cinematographer’s art. Whether he intended it this way or not, perhaps because he puts on film the unadorned directness of the gospels, “The Passion” is a meditation and a prayer.”

Some say the movie is going to be controversial … I’ll make up my mind after watching it. Now, after the trailer … I want to spend sometime meditating on Christ’s love for me and the whole of humanity again!

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  1. DB says:

    Sivin I have been reading about the passion with interest so am happy to se this post. It seems the contoversy stems around the supposed emphasis it puts on the fact that the jews were responsible for his crucifixion. I take it that they are worried about the backlash or anti semitic feelings this could create.

    I myself find that I get very angry with the fact that the people could have allowed Jesus to be crucified in spite of his teachings and the miracles he performed. But then I come back to the reality that this was part of his master plan and like you I am overawed that he would go to this extreme in order to save us.

    It is this depth of love that we cannot help but feel as christians when the spirit comes among us.

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