I’ll be off to the National Evangelical Christian Fellowship Headquarters to spend three 9am -4:30pm in the Discovery Seminar by Rev. Dr. Harry Wendt (read his thoughts on Radical Jesus, Radical Truth and a brief history) It’s my little quest for resource and material firstly for BLC’s Discipleship School, and then beyond BLC. My former insurance agent & his wife (my former Bible Study teacher) mentioned him to me years back. It’s surprising how that seed now has grown to a desire to find out more myslef. The main thing that attracts me is his use of Descriptive Teaching graphics (i.e. pictures & symbols) and his whole emphasis on narrative theology (i.e. Biblical stort line).

Plus, this Because Therefore Picture captures it all for me … Because GOD has or is _____________ , there fore I have and will _______________ (Good Christian Framework here!)


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