Farewell to the Rapture

“Little did Paul know how his colorful metaphors for Jesus’ second coming would be misunderstood two millennia later. “ ~ That’s how the article from NT Wright bombs our often distorted view of Biblical end-time teaching.

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2 Responses to Farewell to the Rapture

  1. Robert Brow says:

    I am glad that N.T.Wright has debunked the rapture “left behind” nonsense found among some evangelicals. I argue on my website that the Lord King Messiah Son of God kept “coming” to intervene in his world in the OT period. And the NT refer to his continued comings (Days of the Lord) in history. For the early Christians the next coming was the intervention of the Messiah in the destruction of the temple and end of the Jewish state in AD 70

  2. julia says:

    is the rapture really something we shouldn’t literally believe in? is it really a metaphor? isn’t Jesus coming back to judge or something? i’m getting confused again. what about the prophecies in the book of revelations? the signs show of the ending of the world right?

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