Best & Worst (BLC)

Ok … Malaysian Christianity maybe too big … not’s let’s take a look at BLC. Again in no particular order …


1. SonShine Kids
Now we’re getting our ministry to the children a bit more organized with the help of Phoebe, the leadership of Wai Kin (who got us moving), and I’m pretty happy to try and see how we could integrate them more to worhsip with us.

2. Christian Discipleship School
Wai Kin & I managed to get the process and possible programmes in place, now it’s the whole implementation work and fine-tuning especially in 2004.

3. New Members & Friends (Adult & Children)
wonderful to have newly baptized members and others who would like to make BLC their church home. I felt the new member process which included the affirmation of faith to be a good improvement. And I conducted my first water baptism for a child – Darlene!

4. LiFE Groups
2 groups are stable and thriving, 2 other groups have their stuggles and set-backs. But, all are learning and open to learn from the authentic ups-and-downs realities of genuine community building. For that itself, I consider this a best! Plus, I was excited to see guests joining all the parties who are new or old friends revisiting!

5. The Father’s House Renovation
There’s still some stuff not finished yet. Aren’t we all?
Anyway, God supplied the finances and the whole place got a decent and custom-designed facelift which also lifted our spirits and excitement.

1. Missing People
It’s a tough fact … but with new people we also “miss” other people for all sorts of “reasons”. And in this case, we have tried whatever we could humanly possible to keep in touch. And we also need to examine how we can continue to include those at the “borders” of BLC community life … Pray for our “loving relationships” glue can begin sticking us better not only to one another but more importantly to Christ ….

2. Unexpected Pains
Life is difficult & life is complex. BLC members have not been immune to “painful” events and experiences in life. And they always come unexpectedly! These were truly stuff way out of our control … how vulnerable we are … Here’s where we reconsider our sinfulness as people and our weakness in handling life.

3. Disorganized Private Worlds
Using Gordon McDonald’s kind of phrasing … many admit that there’s a greater need to “live as a called person” (as opposed to drivenness) and I sense in 2004 learning to “order our private worlds” is a must! For survival as well as significant living.

4. Weak Accountability in Discipleship
Apart from sporadic efforts like Godparents, sponsors and classes to strengthen each others walk with Jesus, the ongoing efforts are still weak. This is a primary area I’m praying and thinking about these few days.

5. Unprepared Worship
Integration & preparation is a lot of hard work …. our Worship Gathering has had lots of ups & downs this past year. The Prayer Breakfast is still not well attended by those who are not part of the worship team (hope to include more to intercede for others.) As we try to improve other aspects like Children’s ministry, LiFE Groups, and Learning classes, we’ve neglected our corporate worship life (which i’m glad we’re working on again, thanks to James!) What happens to us as a big group might just be a mirror of how we apporach GOD in worship individually …

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