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Delightful entry from James Tan (our very own Rock Intellectual Mystic) …. (here’s the whole post)


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Eyes that are wide open can find beauty in anything, anywhere.

Behold the traditional hand wash of the Chinese restaurants. Made of Chinese tea and a slice of lime. You simply dip your fingers in, squeeze the lime, and rub your fingers. The oil will disappear, leaving behind clean, nice-smelling fingers.

What I find more appealing than the cleaning ability is that the wash is communal. We don’t get personal bowls. We all share one. We all put our dirty fingers in. We all pull our clean fingers out. For some reason, I find that appealing. We become equals. No one is too dirty to share the bowl.

If only we lived life like how we share the lime tea wash…

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