Night No. 5 … Thru his eyes

Walking with him through all the stations was what I wanted to do through out the week. His willingness turned out to be a gift for me to listen and respond to the questions and comments he had.

For a Christian – a Christ-Follower, I walked through the stations with prayer in mind.

For our guest – a Christ-explorer?!, he walked through the stations with curiosity, questions and the thought of trying to understand.

I appreciated the questions and also wondered … hmmm .. maybe some of BLC members might need some guidance in the same questions. How often we assume too much.

There were some things he didn’t feel comfortable doing … he was not ready. I liked the honesty. Maybe there were other things he was more willing, that takes some risk.

For two of my young friends (who I saw grow up especially during their late teenage years), this was something refreshing for them … the words “peaceful” come to mind as we are so caught in the noisy busyness of city life.

For some of the kids, the space was wonderful for running around. Hmmm … how does all this contemplative stations thing work for Mom’s with toddlers who are more excited about walking than candles? (They can only be quite for a short period)

And then for some adults, “quietness” is so strange, we don’t know how to enter it or appreciate it. Is this a cultural thing? If yes, what culture? if not? I thought even in our non-Christian background there was that element of silence.

Seems there is still more to learn, much to unlearn, and big chunks to re-learn.

3 thoughts on “Night No. 5 … Thru his eyes

  1. Sigh… wish i could have made it… :/

  2. Ben

    Ah, the learning part… seems McLaren-ly familiar. Heh.

    BTW, have you read the article “Why Did Jesus Have to Die” in the recent TIME issue? It’s worth checking out.

  3. ah, quietness. it can be scary. sometimes the roar of my thoughts freaks me out when I stay quiet enough to hear it. but it’s so worth it when the presence of God stills the storm and brings the calm. when I be still, and know that he is God.

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