Random Thoughts after the Anniversary Dinner

I think there are around 40+ of us from BLC and 30+guests. It was nice to see people at ease around tables (seems to be our current trademark!) enjoying the pretty good buffet I may say! And it was good to see people interacting, I really appreciate John for being there at one table just conversing with three guests (whom I couldn’t attend to much). BTW, he was a fantastic MC!

I must admit I was a little sad that some couldn’t make it last minute. But, others aldo turned up at the last moment to add their support to the event. My brother John Kit came and I was really glad. I think the kids (both young and adult!) loved his balloon sculptors!

Nice to see Alwyn and David meet face to face. David has some nice things to say here. And Alwyn blogged about Araville.

Su Shen’s dance stunned me! First, the song was excellent … I loved the “belonging” theme. And her intensity to express the song … moved me as she put her whole heart and soul into it.

The kids as usual tugged the hearts of the crowd. When I saw Adam and Kirsten do their hand motions following the lyrics, it was a very tenderhearted moment. It was a pity their two other young friends fell sick, one with fever another with chicken pox …

The “open sharing” was the most unorchestrated part of the event …. thus, it came out raw and real … people grasping for words to express their journey with us. All glory must be given to God for carving the path for each and everyone of them. BLC is merely a vessel I pray can carry them along their quest for authentic Christian living in this chaotic world. So, often I feel so “inadequate” in being their pastor/leader … many a times, I felt like i didn’t do enough or made mistakes, or could have done better.

At times during their sharing I didn’t know how to “respond” to kind words of encouragement spoken… I’m still trying to “drink in” and “savour” all that God has done in May Chin, Gareth and my life since we left our home church (where we grew up and got married) for this venture.

I think of the friends that started with us, I wonder how those who aren’t with us are doing, I talked with May Chin last night about the friends that have journeyed with us from the beginning, …. the list is endless.

Having a fresh look at where we are now, there’s still areas that God is “sculptoring!”. Soo-Inn shared on Sunday and prayed for us that we’ll keep tenderhearts and openness for God to lead us and speak to us. I agree with a big AMEN.

Looking towards the future … maybe 4 years or 14years or 40 years … we’ll keep an eye on that, while anchoring ourselves with the realities of today and remembering the lessons of yesterday!

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