The Devil’s Interest

” … it is in the Devil’s interest to make Christians look weird.” ~ Richard Lovelace

For the context of this statement it’s good to check out the article Do Nigerian Miracle Ministries Discredit the Faith?

The dangers and challenges we face in Asia is not too far removed from our African brothers and sisters.

2 thoughts on “The Devil’s Interest

  1. I read the article, and boy do I understand now … it is a disturbing trend indeed. But it got me thinking how culture affects how we interpret the bible.

    How is our Asian culture affecting our interpretation of the bible, I wonder? Or how we run the church and live like Christians?

  2. YK

    Although I do envy the fact that their media would even publish these miracles so widely to the point that they have to be stopped.

    When was the last time a Christian healing miracle was published in NST or TV2 news? Would our media even plublish it, even if the evidence was rock solid? They seem willing to publish all that reiki, vashtu and feng shui mumbo jumbo…

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