Random Thoughts while Gareth is napping


I enjoy this Father-Son bonding we’ve had these past week and especially today. Just me and my (opps! our) son! I’m a one day HOME ARTIST today (not good at home making), so I suppose my poetic try will somehow emerge into a mini-masterpiece.

May Chin got him a really cool TUB TIME waterproof book (hey! we aren’t pressurizing him … he loves books like his dad!) and he was trying to say “DINO!” which is the dinosaur bathing in the book!

I feel quite an accomplishment everytime I can get him to sleep (twice actually today), both May Chin and I find him to be easily awakened by noise or little disturbances. He needs the sleep … so do we!

Lunch was fun today, while I dunno how to “make” a meal properly .. the all in one packet May Chin “left behind” (*grin*) was good enough and Gareth enjoyed his meal with his usual smile. Mission accomplished again!

Just came back from a ride actually, visited bookstores , passed back some keys to someone, bought bread back home, … a full day so far … time flies.

Gareth woke up! fvbkrbvilebv n nnfnbrnb … (a bit of panic indicated by the gibberish typing)

no worries .. everything under control!

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