The choice between the more “shopping”-“modern”-flavoured Nuremburg and the “medieval”-“romantic”-flavoured Rothenburg was a simple choice for me.


A lot of mini-sparks here and there during the walk and explanations especially during the first part by Dr. Philip. When I looked at the artwork, woodworks and sculptures in St. Jakob’s Church I thought about how the people of that time tried to make the message “understandable” for the majority who were illiterate. And then there was the comment on the master piece “The altar of the Holy blood” where there was attempts in “contextualizing” the story of Jesus and making the connection to where the people of Rothenburg lived (e.g. the picture of Jesus entrying Jerusalem was “translated” to entering Rothenburg gate)

Join me for a walk in the gallery here.

3 thoughts on “Rothenburg

  1. Sivin, I’m jealous. Was in Germany two summers ago. WCC consultation on evangelism in postmodern contexts. Met Klaus Schafer and others there. Also Jacques Matthey of WCC. Hope your trip is wonderfully enriching!

  2. Ben

    Yeah, the McLaren chapter was kinda unexpected in that sense… but it really makes you think 😉

    King Willard? I never knew he had such a title.. heheheheh.. I’ve made it through the foreword by Richard Foster (studying Celebration of Discipline at DNA this year as I mentioned), and what’s in store seems pretty great!

    Anyway, I’ll be working through the conspiracy over the next 2 months, so it’ll really be my companion into the SPM 🙂

    Finished Nouwen’s some time ago. Will post on it sometime. Short, concise, but thought-provoking. Sometimes we’re changed by the ‘weaker’ people we work with, no?

    BTW, do you know where I can get Celebration of Discipline? The latest version, if there’s such a thing.

  3. Sivin, what’s inside that big pouch you’re wearing? cam?

    hey do u hv a listing of the talks/topics u’re attending? how do u get yrself into these trips anyway?! 🙂

    Ben, i think Celeb of Disc is available in Evangel – about Rm20. The ‘latest’ version is probably the one that comes with a study guide. Good stuff.

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