Joy at FFB Lutheran Church


In the evening it was a different kind of joy! first, it was a special service organized by FFB Lutheran Church just because we were around. I was quite impressed and suprised to listen to a “German Gospel Choir” – “Sing and Pray”. And I don’t think that is common at least from my limited experience with the Lutheran Church in Bavaria! They sang quite a number of songs throughout the service and involved the congregation in two .


Petra translated very well for me and I managed to do a 10+ minute “message” sharing about lessons learnt from starting BLC and making some connections with Matthew 28 Great commission text with they had given me. I managed to share a little on Malaysia. I only had 10 minutes … so it was quick! 🙂


Of course, it’s always good to share a gift with our hosts for the evening! Small gift but with a big heart 🙂


Daniel Ma From China came up next to share about Christianity in China.


I managed to sing a Malay song of worship “Kaulah TuhanKu” and later was happy to teach some of the choir members after the service.


I remember Dr. Philip from the Summer School telling us that we’ll see a different picture of Lutheran churches compared to Neuendettelsau and indeed it was quite different. But, I trust God worked in the hearts of all who came!

More indepth reflections later …. must get ready for the Sunday combined outdoor worship later …

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