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I’ll probably be unable to get online (at least for free) the next few days. Much of me wants to go home but the final installatio of our programme begins tomorrow morning with our visit to the important Wartburg Castle where Luther translated the Bible into German. Then we’ll go to Erfurt and stay at the Augusinerkloster.

Then on Thursday, we’ll be off to Erfurt Cathedral and later pay a visit to the Augustinian Monastry where Luther became a Monk. Later after lunch there’ll be a special visit to the concentration camp of Buchenwald where we’ll get some better understanding of this world war two tragedy.

On Friday, it’ll be where Luther lived and died in Eisleben and we’ll finish by reaching the Leipzig Mission House before leaving for Wittenburg the next day.

The whole saturday will be in Wittenburg where Luther served as the professor of theology and where much of his adventures began and happened. Then sunday it will be interesting because we plan to attend Sunday service at the church where Bach served as a musician. And before going back to our “home” in Neuendettelsau, we’ll have the chance to visit the former border between East and West germany in Modlareuth.

More thoughts and proper links once I return.

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