Malaysian Idol


Ok! I was away from my home country Malaysia and was wandering in UK and Germany 🙂 so, I was never really in the “craze” that’s come to our warm climate. Last night was the first time, I actually sat down and watched the show “live” on TV while jumping on and off to check out the “Disney’s the Kid movie on the other channel.

There were times when the songs and the singers managed to tug me a little, and other times the were goose bumps all over. And often due to the comments by the judges 😛 Our Malaysian contestants are so so shy overall and a little reserved. There were some nice moments and there are good singers, the moves are usually jerky (but then I’m clumsy *grin*). Judges maybe trying hard to do a “Simon” here and there (if you know what I mean). It’s a fabulous idea to make money through SMS for the respective parties (that’s just an uneducated guess!?). And I wonder how much of the results were due to important forces of “family” (both distant and near) and “friends”.

There are some thoughts that sprang up relating this to Malaysian Christianity but then I’ll let that “itch” left unscratched for now…. I’ll leave that to the imagination of the reader.

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