Emergent – M’sia … baby steps

It’s been encouraging so far … slowly but surely some Malaysians who have shown interest in the past (on a personal basis) as well as new people whom I’ve never met (thanks for the emails!) are all “curious” of what the conversation is all about and would like to join the conversation on “What does it mean for us to be and do church in our Malaysian context?” (whether it’s with the awareness of the postmodern discussion sparked off by our friends in Emergent Villageor even this idea of being in a post-colonnial context … mentioned in my responseto Brian McLaren’s Africa Report … hmmm.. or just plain curious)

I read with interest The Skinny on Carson’s Emerging Church Tapes 1.1 because of the critique (and possible misunderstanding?) by Carson and Andrew’s steady response. This morning found The Emergent Church – Another Perspective: A Critical Response to D.A. Carson’s Staley Lectures (pdf) by Dr. David Mills to Carson’s critique very helpful

Personally, I find myself resonating with the vibrations of Emergent as expounded here , since “Emergent is a growing generative friendship among missional Christian leaders” and some of us have managed not only to interact online but also meet face to face which indeed has been enriching. Why not invite more to the table for the conversation? How about being more intentional about it?

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