Nice one from Leaving Munster which is actually from Brian McLaren’s revised/reinterpreted “TULIP”.

T – Triune love
U – Unselfish election
L – Limitless reconciliation
I – Inspiring grace
P – Passionate, persistent saints

2 thoughts on “TULIP

  1. Hi sivin,

    Is this pure coincidental? I just “launched” (ok, it wasn’t grand or anything) my journal (or blog) site yesterday and I called it TULIPS, bearing no resemblance to your posting this morning though! Since I use a RSS aggregator, it was quite a shock to see the headline on Sivin Kit’s Garden – TULIP. hehe!! For a moment, I was wondering how did Ps. Sivin found his way to my site.

    Btw, I’m a frequent visitor to your Garden and I find most of your articles and jots rather interesting and thought-provoking in a way (some). I’m also previously from MMU (multimedia university), which I still am (working there now) and could remember vividly your visits to our christian fellowship. Hope to see you some time soon!

  2. Someone wrote this for The New Perspective on Paul

    T – Total travesty
    U – Unconditional Election
    L – Limited boundary markers?
    I – Forgot??
    P – Presuppositionless Exegesis

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