Nice one from Leaving Munster which is actually from Brian McLaren’s revised/reinterpreted “TULIP”.

T – Triune love
U – Unselfish election
L – Limitless reconciliation
I – Inspiring grace
P – Passionate, persistent saints

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  1. john says:

    Hi sivin,

    Is this pure coincidental? I just “launched” (ok, it wasn’t grand or anything) my journal (or blog) site yesterday and I called it TULIPS, bearing no resemblance to your posting this morning though! Since I use a RSS aggregator, it was quite a shock to see the headline on Sivin Kit’s Garden – TULIP. hehe!! For a moment, I was wondering how did Ps. Sivin found his way to my site.

    Btw, I’m a frequent visitor to your Garden and I find most of your articles and jots rather interesting and thought-provoking in a way (some). I’m also previously from MMU (multimedia university), which I still am (working there now) and could remember vividly your visits to our christian fellowship. Hope to see you some time soon!

  2. hedonese says:

    Someone wrote this for The New Perspective on Paul

    T – Total travesty
    U – Unconditional Election
    L – Limited boundary markers?
    I – Forgot??
    P – Presuppositionless Exegesis

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