Grand Parents


I was really happy that mom could make it for Gareth’s Birthday Dim-sum lunch yesterday. And I was even happier to see him just “hanging out” with mom freely (there were times he was shy because he seldom sees my mom). But nowadays, he’s actually quite affectionate to her. I find it a great joy as well to see mom full of smiles and happiness as she relates to her first grand child.

Grandparents are such an important part of Gareth’s life thus far and I’m thankful that May Chin’s parents (photo below) play an important part as well taking care of him during the day so both of us are able to do our work with less worries. Of course, we thought about it before whether May Chin would like to be a homemaker, but the reality of our situation just somehow makes that option not possible. We don’t loath in guilt because of this decision (to some the ideal is for one to be at home – who’s that supposed to be huh? *grin*), we focus on putting all our energies possible to make where we (and we we can do) work and see what’s possible ahead. With such grace, then we move on!


One thought on “Grand Parents

  1. That’s a very photogenic photo of Gareth there 🙂 That picture makes me miss my grandmother. Since the time of my parents, its been difficult for parents to not both work. But thats where the awesome grandparents come in 🙂 I mean if i were in your situation, i rather have the grandparents take care of my child than some maid.

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