A Good 2005 Weekend!


It’s just so energizing to hear how things are working “right” for a change when it comes to church, community, worship, friendship, etc. so here’s a quick one …

Gobi’s I Have Returned makes me join him in Thanking the Lord too!

Nice to hear a soothing melody in Messy’s Good ‘ol Sunday …

Sounds like our good friend Kia Ming visited Si Johnston’s church in weekend and protest4

Moh Foong gives us a window into our Saturday Tsunami Aid Day in Weekend in Grace

DB captures his feelings on Saturday with the word Fullfilment and had a nice sequel post he will provide

Alpha draws our attention to what really motivates our actions in tsunami: love compels us

My young friend Ben reminded me of the rain on Saturday and more with God is God

The year 2004 ended with such a dark gloom, it’s moments like the ones mentioned above (and I want to savour every bit possible) that allows the light to breakthrough the dark clouds after walking into the second week of 2005.

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