Random Links 20

The Center for the Theology of Childhood
When I first came across this site, I went “wow! lots of hard work and thinking has gone into this…” I’m planning to read the following research papers tonight.

Children & Mature Spirituality
The last few weeks have been good for my own soul just learning to teach BLC children. I suppose mature spirituality is more than just a head load of scripture verses but actually immersing oneself in God’s story.

Playful Orthodoxy
can these two words actually be together? I love the title!

*note* – having one’s own kids does create a greater urgency. That’s just reality. And they say when you have two it’s going to be a big difference … so we need all the help we can get 🙂 so i guess it’s not surprising the last three links have a similar theme. *grin*

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