Random Thoughts after a while

it’s been some time since I’ve “serious” sat down and blogged some thoughts bubbling in me. At this point, it’s still adjusting to a two kid family!

Some recent email conversations on a partcular name for a website really made me think about the importance of names for a group who wishes to move together, and of course, the whole process of selecting a name, and how that process stirs up important questions about what we value, our identity and how to move forward. I gained much from these interactions.

It’s amazing how my Holy Week evening started last night, not with contemplation but some confusion and cluttered last minute activity. Thankfully, it somehow settled down. And having a chance to listen to another made me “pause”.

I wonder why does it always rain (I think most of the time) during Holy Week at least in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Hmmm …

Finished one article, got another to go for the church easter edition newsletter, and a long awaited one for an overseas publication (which I hope they still bear with my procrastination) .. it’s been quite a month. I find it strange that whenever there’s opportunities to be productive, there’s also “unforeseen” bumps here and there.

This week is a full week with the Stations of the Cross, Maundy Thursday meal, and Good Friday nightly 8pm. And just before Easter Sunday, Emergent Malaysia is having our 1st 2005 open meeting this Saturday 10am. So, everyday something is happening a full 7 days. Actually, even without these meetings something is happening if I were to have eyes to see them. But, it’s nice to have something “special” to make life more colorful.

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