My First Sand Castle!

IMG_1752_Gareth_1st_Sand_castle.jpg IMG_1772_gareth_daniel_sand_castle.jpg

I think before I land up doing some “random links” & “random thoughts” posts or more “serious” stuff :-). I’ll stick with some of the special moments we had during the recent holiday at Tioman Island. I’m doing this consciously because for me life has grown to be more “integrated” these days – i.e. truth is “embodied” in the ordinary stuff everyday as well as special moments – which is often during times like this at a beautiful beach. It’s more of “there’s a time for everything” kind of approach …

Anyway, this is not the first time Gareth has been on a beach … the last time I think it was Port Dickson where he wasn’t too comfortable with sand. But this time, it’s different. he discovers the “joy” of building sand castles – of course, as a beginner he fumbled getting the sand into the cup, but with some encouragement from Auntie May Lin (May Chin’s eldest sister) he managed.

It’s just so “cool” to see him enjoying his “construction”-“building” project … with his own “design” with occassional “renovations” (i.e. squash one part, refill cup, and rebuild another …) This whole activity with a beautiful sun setting – and cousin Daniel as company made the whole activity extra special … playing alone is fun … but playing with someone is even better … playing with someone with a beautiful sunset is fantastic … all this captured in some way on camera by papa (me!) is so rewarding!

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