Random Thoughts During the Rain

I was reading an article to be published on “the emerging church” and was so encouraged by the author being truly “conversant” with what’s REALLY happening (I’m happy to see the appreciation & acknowledgement of the global dimension in the conversation especially)… the gentle words of “caution” or at least “concerns” are also worth time to ponder. At least, how the conversation resonates with where the journey I’ve been on, and am currently moving, and also exploring how to move forward. More when the article is published.

I’ve been meeting so many “New Kinds of Christians” from the USA face to face in the span of about a month that “suddenly” breaths so much more hope for me for the future of the American church in general (actually to me they take the Gospel so seriously that I find myself challenged again and again). Interestingly, the name Brian McLaren comes up in our conversation 🙂 at times predictably so because of our contacts, but in the latest contact it’s been more surprising. The other thing and what I think is more important is that – they are more willing to listen and learn – and that’s so good for conversations and mutual partnerships for the kingdom. One more thing is the phrase “missional” that crops up in our conversation and what that means for us locally and globally … I think that’s good news.

It’s tough when the children are sick … and Gareth has been havng a hard time lately. He’s on longer term medication for Asthma and he’s recovering from some infection. Thanks for all those who have been praying for him.

Elysia was made me proud today … before her jab (injection) we were just goofing around in front of the doctor … she was giggling away … and then, the doctor did a quick jab – and she hardly noticed it – just a pause for perhaps 5 seconds, i.e. from giggles to silence, and then life resumes … we move on 🙂

God is so gracious to us … during our time of need … a “door” is open for a “better place” to be … more on this later when things materialize.

great to hook up a friend with some new friends today … it allows for a lot of “generative” engagement and “opening u horizons and understanding.” It brings me much joy to be a catalyst in this regard.

There’s a lot of things lined up to do … this week, speaking engagements which includes my own church on Sunday as well as one Friday evening gathering at a nearby Baptist church. Then, there’s Bishop’s report I need to translate, a DVD I need to help edit, a LiFe Group meeting where I’m looking forward to hear what comes up from our reading from the book of judges, a last minute opening to meet with unchurched people, … not forgetting family responsibilities too … Lord have mercy, and Lord, Help! Thanks …

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