Random Links 50

Direct Warrant Realism (via Steve Bush)
“foundherentism” now that’s a new word.

Missional DNA (mDNA)
I’ll be checking this out perhaps on Monday … to listen to stories and insights from Australia (not too far away)

The Personal M.Div
wow! 114. Book list …

The Needle’s Eye: Reflections from the Church Fathers on Wealth and Possessions
What can early exegetes teach us about our relationship with our money? …the church fathers always intrigues me 🙂

Choosing Christ over Culture
what would this mean for us here?

Servant Leaders, Servant Structure
I spoke to a person high up the ecclesiatical ladder the other day, ironically, he’s not to happy about the word “leader”. This made me take note of this book again. I have so many unfinished books 😛 Okay, I can take comfort I finished reading a paper two nights again … and a 31page reply (which was awesome!)

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2 Responses to Random Links 50

  1. Kitty says:

    yes mDNA has some really cool stories and insights.

    By the way, I know the feelings of having so many unfinished books – so many books (and cool websites for that matter), not enough time is a constant struggle.

  2. Keith says:

    Thanks. Some good links as ever. I love the Choosing Christ over Culture article and the issues it raises.

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