I’m finding the selections from Soren Kierkegaard’s journals captivating … such as this gem …

“People understand me so little that they do not even understand when I complain of being misunderstood” ~ Soren Kierkegaard, Feb, 1836

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6 Responses to Misunderstood

  1. Kitty says:

    I can relate to being misunderstood at times, yet our God understands us no matter how difficult we are to understand. Praise the Lord Hallelujah!

  2. Lycaphim says:

    Well, it’s odd that someone who says that subjectivity-is-the-truth would say people misunderstand him!

  3. Sivin Kit says:

    Lycaphim ~ I humbly submit that you’ve done precisely what S.K. talks about. Have you read him yet? do you know his story?

  4. Lycaphim says:

    Only what I’ve read in philosophy textbooks and critique of him. I haven’t read his biography, though.

    If I’m wrong about him then I’m more than willing to ‘fess up! =)

  5. Sivin Kit says:

    for starters, here’s an excerpt from Alexander Dru (who introduced S.K in the Soul of Kierkegaard, pp.24-25):

    “Seen in its broadest lines, Kiekegaard’s work involves a shift in emphasis from the objective world of Reason and Culture, to the moral and inward sphere. That is why everything, in the first instance, is oblterated by the intensity with which he maneouvres to reach “the choice”. That truth lies in subjectivity does not mean that truth is subjective. On the contrary, inwardness, or subjectivity, is the starting point at which the “individual” enters life by acting decisively. Maturity does not consist in some form of cultural humanism, with its accents on the externals of personality, such as gifts and genuis, but in the depth and riches of the spiritual life which is the spring of action. It is that inward action, as Kirkegaard says in one of his earliest entries, which means everything, and then the rest, the objective aspect, will follow.”

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