Random Thoughts after some encouraging posts


James (when are you going to blog agani?) said I should take these pictures (when my A70 Canon digital camera was acting weird and producing these “pretty fuzzy” photos. I suppose the “redemptive” part of me just could resist …

A certain Mr. Khoo came to this garden dropped a comment and probably didn’t realize that it was comment no. 1000 here. So, a present awaits you 🙂 surprise!?

Reading Didn’t go to church … and I don’t wanna go … but yet I do helps me see what’s going on inside one who’s part of our church family … I guess there’s no point in denying the stuggles and the messiness – it’s there .. I like the realism that’s birthed though .. and most importantly – Hope .

Read a quote in line with the paragraph above from Kyle Potter’s post “Community is hard to come by”.

” I’m not moving again. People here grudgingly accept us, and that’s rare.

– overheard on “King of the Hill”

Need to get back to reading the dead Mr. S.K (Danish) again.. and engage the living Mr. S.K (Malaysian).

I was almost moved to tears (and with a lummp in my throat) when I stayed back a little and hid at a corner and saw Gareth (who’s just going to turn 3 in October) join in with the older kids for a choreographed flag dance. He was REALLY good! There was one moment when he turned around … and saw his papa – me look at him, I smiled in affirmation and pride. He looked like he kind of knew what I meant as by my smile and carried on. It’s mornings like this that makes one believe in a God of love even more.

So, even though our lives often aren’t picture perfect, and might even become “pretty fuzzy” for whatever reason or even no reason … it doesn’t mean there is no beauty, or can’t be anything worthwhile, or all complaints and frustrations …

I found these words from a young friend simple and yet profound (wisdom beyond his age!)…
“Life, well…..there are just so many beautiful things bout it. Look around you, feel, savour. Beautiful.

And you know the thing about pain in life. The hurts, the failures, the diasappointments….? Those things in life which leave you empty, in agony, in hopelessness. Didn’t God turn the most painful things in life, into some of the most beautiful experiences?

What bout life.
Life is beautiful beautiful.”

4 thoughts on “Random Thoughts after some encouraging posts

  1. wah I struck gold. 🙂 so this should be comment number 1002 effectively?

  2. kevin

    woah.. congrats to you Mr khoo Boss! 😛

    life, though it’s messy, is beautiful… amen!

  3. sure life is beautiful, as our Lord is beautiful!

  4. chia

    waw..jealous laa.. got present somemore :p

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