Sports Day 2005

Here’s a quick glimpse of an eventful sports day for Gareth (and the rest of the Kit Family) on September 10, Saturday morning 2005 …

IMG_4870_sports_dayshirt.jpg IMG_4875_nametag.jpg

The morning started with some excitement .. and anticipation 🙂 especially for our family! Gareth got his name tag and he’s part of the orange team.


Gareth’s number 1 fan apart from the parents of course is Baby Elysia!

Wow! I was impressed when Gareth carrying his flag (with some help from the teacher) joined the march.


I was even more suprised and delighted when May Chin and I saw him do a choreographed exercise with music.


The MC for the day commented that Gareth is carrying a heavy load of favorite toys!


Run Gareth Run!


Dash Gareth Dash!


now relax a bit-lah!


Mummy May Chin had to run too!


Papa Sivin had to blow up a balloon … wow!


even Granpa Long (May Chin’s dad) showed his stuff!


and of course, the prize giving ceremony was chaotically great!


checking out the prize with mummy is fun!


our number 1 fan Baby Elysia cheers for everyone! Everybody’s a winner!

3 thoughts on “Sports Day 2005

  1. DB

    great post Rev, enjoy seeing the joy in the whole family and seeing Gareth grow up, you must have won hands down in blowing the balloon hehe

  2. SB

    This is what I call the Life of Simplicity! I really understand your joy on this occasion- splendid stuff!!

    Watching your kids develop is also amazing to us on the sideline.

  3. SP

    Gosh u are so happy 🙂

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