New memory lanes in the making!


Elysia responds quickly to her Dad’s voice. I noticed she responds even faster to her mum’s smell. she’s been growing exponentially when it comes to her interaction with us lately … she’s experimentating with a variety of expressions – e.g. bright oh-you-are-here look, frustrated-pick-me-up yell (or yells), I’m-REALLY-having-fun giggles, tata-ta conversations, etc.

packing our stuff this last week has made me more aware of the immediate moments right before my eyes.

2 thoughts on “New memory lanes in the making!

  1. sk

    The girls in your family are very beautiful. This is not to say that the guys in your family are not good-looking. They are too. It’s just that the beauty of the girls lend a tinge of good looks to the family to the measure that the guys themselves are also good-looking, and this adds up to produce a wonderful looking family that bursts with beauty and immeasureable good looks. And the good looks with which the girls in your family look render, although to a limited extent, the good looks of the guys in your family contingent on the good looks of the girls in your family.

    I guess all I’m trying to say is that the girls in your family look really good. Yah…yah, I think that’s what I’m trying to say. Yah. Heeee…

  2. amy

    great picture!! very sweet.

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