The Kit Girls!


I think this is a pretty good picture of my wife and daughter … May Chin & Elysia!

Both are intelligent …

both are quick to act (mummy especially when it comes to what she thinks needs to be done, for ah-girl .. well you better be quick to act once she’s swallowed her food!)

Both have a great smile and captivating eyes … check out those lips! :-)

Both require significant attention :-)

Both bring new meaning and lessons into my life …

Both wake me up when I’m sleeping … :-P

Both are loved and are loving …

and I’m thankful to God for allowing me to see life more as a “gift” rathan than seeing life as an “achievement” . Their presence in my life brings things in focus!

Prost! Cheers .. Yam Sing to the Kit girls!

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4 Responses to The Kit Girls!

  1. Yasmin says:

    What a beautiful photo.

  2. jochebed says:

    Very very very lovely… =)

  3. jerng says:

    What a lucky guy you are :)

  4. wahlau says:

    been a while since i read your blogs again… refreshing indeed :) great to see the Kit Gals being featured ;)

    gonna give a thought on the online CG thing. hmm.

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