Notes after Three I.Howard Marshall Lectures!


I arrived late for the lecture series by Prof. I. Howard Marshall on the “Aspects of Atonement” at Seminari Theoloji Malaysia (Malaysian Theological Seminary – which please should redesign their website for Firefox users like me!).

I managed to google one of the papers he presented today which I think is based on The theology of the Atonement (pdf) (I just found this fascinating Anabaptist Network feedback to the paper)

I must admit it was quite a challenge to follow the lectures more because of the style of presentation (which was clear but a lot of propositions). Thanks to wireless in the seminary 🙂 I could interact with the concepts presented by some surfing, and then multi-tasked by catching up with some important emails at the back of the hall.


I have little to comment on the lectures … apart from I sensed an attempt to provide a more nuanced presentation of the “penal subsitutionary” theory of atonement for the first lecture. Later there was talk about Resurrection and Reconciliation. My German pastor friend appreciated Prof. Marshall’s scholarship

Some pleasant suprises came along today. Like bumping into a number of familar faces and new friends. One or two (and more I think) significant conversations. Of course, the special lunch by Rev. Ting Moy Hong was good … Sherman guided us to the special venue. And I went on about not knowing where to go and trusting the one guiding me (trying hard to be spiritual before Ash wednesday huh). I wonder how a new friend Danny thought about this strange theologian (refering to Sherman) and this odd pastor (that’s me!) And then the lunch … Curry Fish Head was the center of attraction and I was delighted y my personal order for Garlic Naan.

curry_fish_head.jpg garlic_naan.jpg

I had some interesting post-lecture conversations with a former seminary lecturer and a current one over some curry puffs and tea (which I didn’t take photos). Our topics ran all over the plac and shot into all sorts of tangents. I enjoyed it.

Overall it was a pleasant day … and I guess, it was a special bonus to manage to do the stuff beyond the just sitting and listening to the lectures. I’m not refering to the food!

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