Lent 3.1: Fasting or Feasting


Matthew 9.14-15

I’m one of those who struggle with fasting. Every time I decide to fast especially together with developing some discipline on the body and prayer, I’m always tempted by my favourite Potato chips (which is hard to resist!) But does the ability to fast makes one a better Christian?

Jesus said, “Should wedding guests mourn while celebrating with the groom? Someday he will be taken away from them, and then they will fast.” So, there’s a time for fasting and a time for feasting. It’s not about a rigid religious formula, as Jesus said earlier during Matthew’s party with a bunch of “scum”, “Healthy people don’t need a doctor sick people do. Now go and learn the meaning of Scripture: ‘I want you to be merciful; I don’t want your sacrifices’ For I have come to call sinners not those who think they are already good enough.” It’s about what is Christ doing in our midst right now. He calls us to become a merciful people because he’s full of mercy and grace. Should I still fast during this season?

Sure, I’m deciding between fasting from potato chipsand crips or my habit of buying books. Why? So that it will be make be a better Christian? No I do it because I need to learn to resist some of my natural impulses and create space to learn what it means to be merciful. Because when I’m hungry I think of God’s mercy on me in giving me my sustenance.

Action: Fast from something you love (e.g. food or video games!) and then every time you are hungry pray for someone who’s in need.


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