Rom 6.3-11

Throughout the history of the Church, people have debated over several issues surrounding the sacrament of baptism. They have argued over the significance of baptism, what sorts of people were eligible to be baptised, and even how much water should be used in baptism. The Apostle Paul clearly enunciates the significance of this sacrament: it is the believer’s identification with the death of Christ, so that in dying with Christ, we may also live a new life through the power of His resurrection (Rom 6.3-4).

Many Christians have sought the Lord as a God of power and might, but few have come to understand the paradox of the cross that bids the believer to come and identify with the death of Christ. It is only in dying with Christ that we may also live in the power of the resurrection. This death signifies the death of the old self that is to be replaced with the new self given through the resurrection of Christ. The cross is a symbol of death. We who confess the cross also confess our death, so that Christ may live in us.

Reflection: As you ponder on your “old self”, what areas of your life do you think need to be “put to death” in order that the power of the resurrection may be seen in your life?

(meditations by Sherman)

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