Canon A70 Returns

It’s great to have our first Digital Camera back (we do forsee another one in the future but not near future *grin*). It’s great of Canon Malaysia to repair it for free … they have been very good in keeping my confidence in their service and even winning extra points!

It was nice to feel the camera in my hand and the freedom to capture moments once again.

A funny moment was when Gareth and I was looking at some “changgih” (“awesome”) hi fi display and then some one asked me where I need help, I said we’re just looking and then i have some one put his arm on my shoulder … and then to my suprised is the latest wed couple from our church – Paul and Joanne (“Mrs. Ong!”). We had a lot of laughter over that. It was funny to be teased bby some one else rather than being the one playing tricks on others. good medicine for tonight.

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