What’s Your Beer Personality?

You Are Heineken

You appreciate a good beer, but you’re not a snob about it.
You like your beer mild and easy to drink, so you can concentrate on being drunk.
Overall, you’re a friendly drunk who’s likely to buy a whole round for your friends… many times.
Sometimes you can be a bit boring when you drink. You may be prone to go on about topics no one cares about.

The funny thing is I’m hardly a beer drinker 🙂 I like wine. I don’t mind beer. I enjoy lemonade mixed with beer (Shandy we call it here – craved for it before the emergent Malaysia open meeting last saturday when it was scorching hot!) The other thing is I’ve tried Heineken before and I quite like it’s taste. And one very important info especially for those whom this may be an “issue” for them – I have never been drunk before with beer. With love yes, with beer no. 🙂

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