Random Thoughts after a short break


The above prawn dish was one of the best dishes I’ve tasted in any wedding dinner thus far. It was pure pleasure having it last Saturday at “Indiana” Joo and Renee’s wedding dinner!

How time flies … and being at the wedding brought back some memories of the past when Seng Joo was still in Malaysia. It was good to have a morning breakfast and conversation with Renee and him last week before the dinner. And it helped me see things a little bit more from an “Australian” point of view. on one hand I felt good that we could talk freely about many topics ranging from religion, politics, economics, etc. and of course, personal develpments 🙂 on the other hand, I find that these discussions moves us to keep on asking, “so what’s next?” or more existentially, “So, what’s next for us? for me? and what step can I take?” of course, depending on our values, whether the answer to these questions will be just about the “person of the year” (according to TIME) – only “YOU” or “us” in the context of the world beyond us will make us dig deeper into ourselves.

Oh yes .. I’ve been absent from blogging partly because We had a little pre-christmas family holiday. I’m glad May Chin got some days off considering the demands from company can be unpredictable. All in all I think it was a much needed time also to “rebond” a little more after I came back from my Germany trip. Got some great videos of the kids!

Today is International Migrants Day! I found Woman’s Aid Organizations (WAO) Ivy Josiah’s interview very helpful and enlightening today on Red 104.9. I think we need more awareness on our airwaves especially as people are driving to and fro work. She made some comments that really makes sense … I thought about the reality of what she said especially on the common view that because someone might have come through illegally (for whatever reason), that we automatically think they deserve to be treated without respect and in some cases in ways totally inhumane. I appreciated her focus on Domestic workers in Malaysia and how often we focus on the negative news and yet fail to realize how they actually do contribute to the home management and even care for the kids. And then her comment on our prejudices on migrant workers and privileging of expats really made me think about the way we choose to view these issues without more in depth consideration. The truth is for many of us, we could trace how once upon a time our ancestors were migrant workers to Malaysia. The radio was worth listening this morning.

Much work tomorrow onwards. Need to get some bookshelves fixed. It’s also time to rearrange my library again!

The internet connection is getting more and more frustrating considering it’s supposed to be broadband.

I noticed the word “emerging” is becoming popular for whatever reason.

There’s quite a lot of posts that I’d like to put up… on some articles I’ve been part of, last saturday’s emergent Malaysia party, at least 2 books I’ve finished reading, loads of videos to upload, and lots of pictures too.

Ah, I’m reminded of an assignment May Chin instructed me to do! Oh .. I think there’s more than two I need to complete …

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