Emergent Advent

“Are you REALLY being authentic- Mr. or Ms. emerging person? Or just selfish and self-absorbed? Do you remember it is ultimately about Jesus and not Derrida?”

emergers in non-emerging church contexts
So, if it’s more about mindset, values, ethos, conversations … we can be a little more relaxed can we?

Well, Scot, what about you?
“First, don’t box me in.” We are often very preoccupied with boxes. I found Scot’s answers “beaming” us up for a broader perspective.

toward establishing the boundaries of orthodoxy for the emerging church
I found Steve Knight’s comment as interesting as the post by Stephen Shields .. both whom I enjoy chatting with … here’s his comment: “Still, I think it’s a very good barometer, and, despite all the “sky is falling” in terms of a move away from orthodoxy in the ECM, I think the vast majority of emerging churches (at least in North America) are still very much rooted in traditionally held “orthodox” evangelicalism. Which is why it is so sad when rumors get spread about the ECM being 100% for universalism or some other such hogwash.

BTW — One other interesting twist on this whole discussion is what will happen as the ECM in North America becomes more conversant with the post-colonial ECM in Africa and Asia (which tends to be more conservative theologically and more pentecostal in practice) — how that will affect the trajectory of the global church. I would suspect that even the more “liberal” (for lack of a better term) folks theologically would have to submit in humility to the broad concensus of a more “conservative” Christian church globally. But I could be wrong ;-)”

Emergent Village Podcast: Panel Discussion – Part 1 (Brian McLaren, Phyllis Tickle, and Pete Rollins)
I enjoyed Pete Rollins accent. But I REALLY found the overall discussion very stimulating. It might be a little too challenging for some … enter with care:-) The “Belong, Behave, Believe” and “Icons not Idols” comments by Pete Rollins stuck in my mind.

Jesus Freaks, Emerging Church and 2007
This caught my attention partly because I just came back from Germany end of November.

Diana Butler Bass Podcast
I’m listening to this podcast now. Partly because I’m also reading Diana’s book and I think it’s “different” and “resonating”. Nick and Josh describes Diana here –> “She’s a writer, speaker, theologian, Mainliner, wife, mother, and board member of Emergent Village. She’s smart. Witty. And quite hopeful about the future of the church.” Hopeful is a good word.

emerging church postcards 06
Thanks Steve for giving postcards for others to “share” to the world. I sent in ours in 05 here

Letters to Emerging Christians, December 19, 2006
I was thinking of writing some “letters” myself. .. this one is one “penal substitution”.

Recovering my evangelicalism
I read Jason Clark’s struggles and affirmations … and am thinking about my list? I like Jason, I think he’s looking forward and seeing where we can take new steps rather than spinning round and round.

Emerging Church in northern Ireland
One day it will nice to visit Ireland.

Emergent Village Goals, 2007
I was amazed how much energy was put into the comments.

The Truth War: John MacArthur and Emerging Church
We can always depend on Andrew Jones for giving us a skinny and gentle & generous response.

Please Don’t Stereotype The Emerging Church
For Dan Kimball (who is such a gentle guy) to respond, it must be serious.

Peter Rollins is (not) talking about the emerging church
“One of the most powerful insights I gained from Peter Rollins’ amazing visit this past weekend at Yale was that he is NOT writing about church, or even doing church, but that what he is doing has profound implications for what churches are and ought to be doing today.” I think I need to read the book and meet the man someday.

The National Coordinator of Emergent looks back and forward
Hearing Tony share rather than merely reading what he writes (with a special bonus addition from Julie) was refreshing. What they talked about at the end is something which has been on my mind too lately.

Letter to an Emerging Christian December 6, 2006
Two statements for supper tonight:
(1) “we are emerging into how we think the Church should be in the future. We use emerging it refers to the direction we are moving. We want to be the kind of Christians that speak the gospel in our world in such a way that it cuts into the fabric of sin and constructs a way of life that is fully consistent with the way Jesus calls us to live.”
(2) “we think “emerging” relates to moving from where we’ve been, and frankly for must of us (though not all) where we’ve been is conservative evangelicalism. It is not that we have all (some have) abandoned that evangelicalism, but we think that shifts and adjustments are necessary to that traditional expression of our faith in order to ltrust, live and speak the truth of the gospel to the current generation.”

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