Coming Soon!


Thanks to Alwyn for keeping us updated on the DVDs coming soon. I’ve reposted his picture and the comments he threw in. Enjoy,

Loved the suave jazzy piece accompanying the flashing scenes of the opening menu. Brian McLaren, Ng Kam Weng, Sherman and Kong Beng, Sivin, Yew Khuen, etc.- all actively and enthusiastically captured in hi-rez time. (Alex, you’re there too, *smile*).


Had a great time with Mike Foongtoday viewing the ‘first cuts’ of theFriends in ConversationDVD. All kudos to Mike for some excellent shooting and post-production work, which shouldleavesmiles, bring back memories and revisitideas/impressionsformany of the conference participants.

Next steps include ‘slicing’ up the segments into finer categories, pasting captions, rewording chapter names and so on.


The conversation shall play again – real soon.



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2 thoughts on “Coming Soon!

  1. sk

    This is so exciting! Aiyoooo!

  2. and .. starring Sherman Kuek! 🙂

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