Random Links 155

Beyond Babel: Pentecost Sunday

Veni, Creator Spiritus ….


I miss reading Asterix .. I think I need to return to my first love for the comics!

The Challenge of Interdisciplinary Theology

Good questions:

“1. Should theology be interdisciplinary? Why or why not?

2. For those of you familiar with van Huyssteen’s work, what do you think of his postfoundationalist model of rationality?

3. What are the most significant challenges that the sciences pose for contemporary theology?

4. Other than the natural sciences, which disciplines should theology be in dialogue with?

5. What do you like, or what bothers you, about the way the theology and science dialogue is being conducted today?”

“Bring On United”! “Bring On Building Bridges Conference”!

I am still intrigued by the whole excitement about a football team over more pressing matters of helping to create an environment where people who hold differing “ultimate commitments” can live together and understand each other, and I believe play football together …

A few ideas to help you through a busy day

“Nobody cares if you can’t dance well. Just get up and dance anyway” .. this is good advice even though in real life I’m a lousy dancer!


Ron helps me recover the babies which I may have thrown out with the bathwater …

Christian Voices From The Middle East

Sooner or later this was going to leak out in Bob’s blog!



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