Communion as Liberation

Batu 20 Orang Asli congregation

“We cannot say that in the process of revolution someone liberates someone else, nor yet that someone liberates him or herself, but rather that people in communion liberate each other.”

– Paulo Freire, Pedagogy of the Oppressed, Communion as Liberation

I’ve managed to visit the Batu 20 Orang Asli Congregation twice this year. I’m looking forward to at least a third visit (if a fourth can be thrown in it will be a bonus). Whenever I think I’m engaged in “luxury” discussions of our preferences often in the context of city life, one of the practices that has been helpful is to reconnect with my brothers and sisters in this particular congregation (which is our companion congregation).  It’s been a small step for me but the overall effect has been liberating. This does not deny the complexities surrounding their lives and our lives but I think it’s important not to get self-absorbed in our own little worlds.

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