Conversations on The Fullness of Salvation (Gracious Christianity series)


I think I’ll recuperate fast enough for tomorrow’s session together … Join me if you are free or interested. The study guide we are using can be found here.

When:  11 July, 2007 Wednesday 8pm

Where: Bangsar Lutheran Church Premises


Salvation is God’s way of calling us and the whole world forward toward the kind of life we were always meant to live. While salvation in some sense involves the whole world, people are especially interested in how salvation applies to them. Salvation is both personal (we enter into a new relationship with God) and social (we enter into a new relationship with everyone else). Salvation is often experienced as beginning at a specific point in time, but it also involves a long process of spiritual growth and maturation. Christians believe Jesus is the key to salvation as evidenced in his birth, life, teachings, death, and resurrection. Salvation is not intended to separate us from others, but to connect us to both God and others in new and gracious ways.

Questions Addressed:

* What is salvation in the broadest meaning of the word?
* How are the personal and social dimensions of salvation connected?
* How is it that Jesus saves us?
* How does salvation change people and change the world?

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