11 Responses to Christians Debate on War

  1. Collin Nunis says:

    OH MY GOD… Are these guys in coats and ties THAAAAT naive?


  2. uliang says:

    I’m still watching the clip (blame it on a ridiculously slow connection). But I am disgusted (really!) at what the man just said. Who is he btw? (The one in the tie and first respondent)

  3. Bob K says:

    I am just curious .. at least re: the infamous Bob Jones .. wasn’t the debate about the Christian view of war and not American national sovereignty?

  4. Collin Nunis says:

    Yes, its about the Christian view of war but in the American context, if you’re Christian, you need to acknowledge that Bush is “God-ordained”, war is “acceptable” and that you’d have to vote Republican. Now you know that you can’t separate patriotism and religion in the U.S.A.. God bless America!!!

  5. uliang says:

    haha…yeah, I noticed that too. But that’s so typical in all debates…sidetrackking.

  6. Bob K says:

    I’m pretty ok with God bless America .. as long as the blessings don’t stop there 🙂

  7. joe says:

    he answered the whole debate when he said if my kingdom was of this world my disciples would fight. he’s right. but they’re not. we’re not. it seemed you had to infer his answers from scripture than the actual teachiings of christ. i used to be him. god forgive us of our nationalism.

    america is not the kingdom of god. this is where many believers in the states get in trouble. we wouldnt say that out loud, but deep down, there is some feeling that we have been set apart.

    “The Myth of a Christian Nation”, by Greg Boyd is excellant. not just for americans, but anyone looking to understand the difference between the kingdom of god and the kingdoms of this world.

  8. Collin Nunis says:

    Well, just my 2 cents worth for not being able to oblige myself to support the war in an Evangelical/Catholic – Christian context:- If we are so committed to being pro-life, fighting abortion, euthanasia and anything which promotes a culture of death, why the sudden double standard and hypocrisy now? How is this possible?

  9. Paul Long says:

    One of my church youth found the transcript … gives a fuller picture. I am going to sue this clip in a few months to promote and encourage my church members to attend a course I hope to oragnise on biblical interpretation!


  10. Karcy says:

    Amazing. This is my first time first-hand look into Christianity in the United States.

    I recall something in the Bible about people in the end times who will be acting as if they were representatives of Christ, but were really leading people astray. I also recall something in the Bible about Jesus separating the sheep and the goats, and a certain group of people who did miracles in his name, but were disowned because they did not reflect the spirit of charity, kindness and goodness that Christ embodied in his life.

    When I see those people, I do not see Christ. I see nothing but bloodthirst. And I see very, very little difference between the Christianity they practise and the Islam they abhor.

  11. Sivin says:

    Karcy – your insight makes me think of our often superior attitude in criticizing people of other faiths . Part of our responsibility is to share and show our friends another way – the way of Jesus. And in the midst of that work through the maze of multiple Christian responses. It’s a struggle but we need to keep on doing it!

    Paul – Thanks for the link for context. I’m glad to have Max Lucado who’s also a popular author provide some evangelical balance.

    Joe – thanks for your input from USA. Your comment here caught my attention: “america is not the kingdom of god. this is where many believers in the states get in trouble. we wouldnt say that out loud, but deep down, there is some feeling that we have been set apart.”

    Collin – wah .. you seem very passionate about the subject. 🙂 I think it’s easier to tell people of the speck in their eyes than to see the log in ours.

    Bob K – Bob Jones scared me!

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