Praying continues for Korean Hostages

We have not forgotten you … We must not forget you …

Thanks Eugene Cho for keeping up with relevant updates and highlighting one of the letters a husband wrote to his wife (who’s one of the hostages).† I’m speechless …

From prayer for hostages in afghanistan – day†16

Update [August 4]††As talked are delayed until after the†US Summit [August 5 and 6], people are now just waiting and praying which may be the most difficult things to do at this point.† I just canít imagine what the respective families of the hostages must be going through – let†alone the hostages.† The families of theses hostages have chosen to write a series of letter to their families in hopes of appealing directly to the Taliban.† Letters are written in Korean and translated directly into Pashto, the language spoken in Afghanistan and also in English.

The first letter is written by Ryun Haeng-Shik to his wife, Kim Yung-Yeong – one of the 18 female hostages taken captive by the Taliban.


Translated into English:

To my lovely wife,†

Honey, it must be hot and difficult there. I have no words to say to you other than that I am sorry.† I canít be more hateful of myself for eating and sleeping at a time when you must be really sick and going through so much hardship.

I told our children that you are staying with the children in Afghanistan a bit longer because you love the people there so much. The children are really proud of you for helping people living in poverty and distress. You must really miss our children, our darling children, our children that you so dearly love. Although you may desperately want to see them, we must be patient for a bit longer. For the sake of our children, stay strong and healthy and please hold on to positive thoughts.We will see each other soon. I am proud of you. Although it may be hard and difficult, please hang on for a little bit longer. I am sorry. I am really sorry, all I can say is that I am sorry. I love you, I truly love you.

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