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Old Lutheran

Personally, I enjoy humor in religion (and I think there’s a healthy place for it there) … but of course, it’s always better when the humor is turned towards ourselves (for satire or even self-criticism) and not used to offend or disrespect others . “Give me some here I stand socks please!”

Crux Theologorum: The Theologian’s Cross (the theological question that cannot be answered)

Do we have to always solve the dilemmas before us? Can we? … PAUSE … breath 1-2-3

Reverent Humor Pictures

I found this spiritually refreshing tonight. Life is often too serious. Need to lighten up a bit.

Polka Reformation


False Teachers and False Teachings

Food for thought …

“We want to oppose false teachers because they do not teach things that are true. But if in our attempts to defeat them we play fast and loose with the truth, by attributing to them things that they donít in fact teach and if we donít really care whether we have it exactly right or not then we have become false teachers: teachers of untruths!”

The Heresies of American Evangelicalism

More food to chew on … I found one comment eye-catching:

“What an outstanding series! Christian blogdom is in your debt. But if I were you, I’d stick a fish on my car bumper lest you get a rock through the windscreen (with a Bible verse attached)!”

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