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PRAYER BRINGS ABOUT a turning of the heart to God, who is ever ready to give, if we will but take what God has given. And in the very act of turning, there is effected a cleansing of the inner eye. The things of a temporal kind that were desired are excluded, so that the vision of the pure heart may be able to bear the pure light, divinely shining, without any setting or change — and not only to bear it, but also to remain in it, not merely without annoyance, but also with indescribable joy, in which a life truly and sincerely blessed is perfected.

– Augustine
Hungering for God

(Via A Pure Heart)

We’re spending time during this Merdeka weekend at our church retreat in Taiping entitled “To Pray and To Love”.  There’s too much spinning round and round going on in our daily endeavors.  The headlines aren’t too encouraging and it’s tempting to lose hope if things keep on spiraling down. So, are we off to “escape” all these realities?  Are we hoping to get more heavenly minded and forget about our troubles on earth? It’s tempting.  The heart is tempted to turn inward and the only thing we can think of is self-preservation, self-protection in a world where so many want mere profit for themselves!

No, our time there in Taiping though may sound like an escapist retreat.  It actually a necessary pause in order to put ourselves in a position to advance forward.  We need to find our posture as we “turn our hearts to God.”  Note, “turn our hearts to God” – Not religion which serves merely the self, or the purposes of the powerful few, or the consumeristic masses. A true turning to God …  is when our hearts are purified from the “nonsense” we’re bombarded with daily.  We need this more than ever.  Because, dirt and debris of human sin and selfishness is more militant than ever.  Of course, it’s more subtle and even entertaining these days.  The packaging is very attractive.  We need an inner eye to truly perceive what’s behind empty promises.

I’m looking forward  that “the vision of the pure heart may be able to bear the pure light”. I want to keep turning to the promise of a world where broken hearts are mended, there won’t be any more tears or crying, where the lion can sleep with the lamb. Impossible?  Well … I saw a professor swallow a sword the other day.  I was reminded another who came back from the dead.  And to You, I turn my heart today.

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