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Atonement row gets personal as Evangelical partnership splits

It’s a pity this has to happen … but church history does repeat it self. At least, there’s not physical smoke under Steve’s feet. But then …

Christian responses to Islam, Islamism and ‘Islamic terrorism’

Now here’s a good start .. we mustn’t lump everyone together too quickly…

“One of the reasons why we have such difficulty in responding to issues related to Islam is that we find it hard to distinguish between ‘Islam’ (the whole system of beliefs and the way of life of 1.3 billion Muslims), ‘Islamism’ (Islamic Fundamentalism – sometimes called Revivalist, Radical, Activist or Political Islam), and ‘Islamic terrorism’ (terrorism carried out by Muslims in the name of Islam).”

Christianity: Public Religion and the Common Good

Those in power might prefer Christianity to be privatised. Others who fee the religion can be abused or has been abused to create citizens who become unthinking and easily manipulated would prefer a private religion for the sanity of all. But is there another way?

“… what the dialogue with Islam has done is to remind people in our Western world that not everyone in the world simply takes for granted the same ‘rational’ and secular basis for social life. And if we disagree with the Islamic analysis, what have we to offer in its place as the basis for a moral society? I want to suggest two areas in which Christian faith makes a proposal of potentially central importance about the nature of the world we live in, in the hope that this may stir up some proper discussion of the limits of secular thinking in social administration and policy and may open up our social context to some wider and more lifegiving forces. This is not an attempt to force Christian faith on anyone or to suggest that it should be backed by law; it is just to suggest that without some of these elements being taken completely seriously by governments of whatever complexion, our developed economies will never secure anything like justice or stability.”

How Facebook Took Down a Giant

Thanks Rudy … for a post which might spice up our imagination to face other giants!

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