Walk for Justice – A Pictorial Journey

Palace of JusticePOJentranceFriends R’Us

The day … September 26, 2007 Wednesday .. a good day for my friends who are lawyers.

Richard WeeFather O.C. LimStandingOfficers

The call was for lawyers, but some of us who were not came to support or watch …

Crowds - on stepsCrowds - in controlCrowds - all kinds

The waiting was longer than expected … little surprises included who turned up.
Crowds - watchingCrowds - listeningCrowds - wondering

I didn’t expect that many to turn up … it was getting inspiring as the seconds ticked away.

Crowds - interactingCrowds - sharingCrowds - laughing

Connections and conversations flowed.

Crowds - under the sunCrowds - cheeringCrowds - observing

The crowd was swelling (and sweating away!) This is a hot and humid Malaysia.

Crowds -thinkingCrowds - sweatingCrowds - standing

Spend quite a long time standing … we couldn’t go without those in the buses.

The cheers for them was moving!

Crowds - walkingCrowds - marchingFriends RUs watching

Finally, we get to walk.

Walk 1Walk 2Walk 3Walk 4

and we walked …

arriving 1arriving 2arriving 3

and kept on walking … it began to rain … but it was good …

after the rainemptyBack to starting point

after the rain … we were still walking 🙂 I think it makes a difference when you are not walking alone.

I guess, it’s going to be a long walk …there are no short cuts.

Even if it’s long, it’s got to be for something worthwhile.


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8 thoughts on “Walk for Justice – A Pictorial Journey

  1. Paul Long

    so much is happening in Malaysia ….

  2. Paul – indeed much is stirring underneath and on the surface of what most common people can see. Appreciate extra prayer support from all our friends overseas.

  3. I missed a historic event, thanks to classes. Priorities are priorities nonetheless. Interesting to note that Fr. OC Lim was there.

  4. Collin – I missed a good chance to say hello to Fr. OC Lim. There will be another chance.

  5. You had a pic of him lol… I was quite surprised that he went in the first place, to be honest.

  6. Thanks for the many pics. They truly convey the clouds over the M’sian judiciary and the long dreary journey ahead. Malaysia and Singapore and all asean countries need to walk this path too.

  7. kar yong

    Nice photos. Thanks Sivin. Wished I could be there too! Perhaps in the future, we in STM could cancel classes (and pastoral groups on Wednesdays) and encourage the students to participate in event like this.

  8. Kar Yong – I’d be happy to feed you with info on worth while causes. When you bring the STM students, ask them to come with their STM shirts!

    Blogpastor – we need to sit down over a cup of tea or coffee and exchange notes 🙂

    Collin – Father OC Lim’s presence was a great example for me!

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