Prayers for Peaceful Transition of Change in Myanmar


An elder Buddhist monk is escorted by a protester in Yangon. At least four people were killed and 100 injured as Myanmar’s security forces clamped down on anti-government protests led by Buddhist monks.
(AFP/Democrativ Voice of Burma)

I got a letter from my Bishop Rt. Rev. Philip Lok yesterday to call for our churches to pray for our neighboring country. The monks and nuns in have truly inspired and challenged me in their actions towards social change in their nation. Please allow me to share Bishop’s letter to you.

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Greetings and peace to you from God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ.

It is with great concern that we follow the recent developments in Myanmar, where hundreds of thousands are marching in the city streets to raise their voices for freedom and change. It is simply moving to see how religious people, especially the Buddhist monks and nuns, are at the forefront in this struggle for justice, after a long era of oppression under the military junta. But the recent violent crackdown on the helpless citizens is very distressing indeed.

As Myanmar faces uncertain times, I urge all LCMS congregations to offer our fervent prayers for the nation during our worship services this week. Letís pray that this crisis in the history of the country will result in the dawn of new era of democracy, justice and peace. As Christians, we believe that God can transform any evil situation by the power of truth, justice and love.

In His Grace,

Bishop Philip Lok








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3 thoughts on “Prayers for Peaceful Transition of Change in Myanmar

  1. This is encouraging. Really very encouraging.

  2. The Lord hears the cry of His people, and the people of all nation. His creation is precious to Him.

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