Examen Interlude: Even I get surprises …

Thanks to all who caught me in my most human form and position – i.e. with my singlet sitting on my son’s bed crossed legged trying to chat with someone on google talk!

It was a pleasant surprise… I was totally unprepared .. ok , I did blush but perhaps it’s hard to tell since I’m pretty tanned … it’s been a while since I’ve been caught by surprise. It suddenly felt like when I’m in my twenties or even earlier in my teens we have surprises like this. Now at 35 … I was REALLY surprised … delightfully so.

I was disarmed and rendered powerless with some one else taking pictures for a change. A wonderful round of laughing together… and sharing 2 cakes, and nice juices plus small talk around the table. The content which I ‘m glad also connected us beyond the joy of what we were sharing to the suffering of our friends and those whom we are in touch with. The experience of joy does not ignore the suffering around us. But the suffering around us must not snatch away the ability for us to celebrate God’s gifts to us in whatever form …

The joint gift was especially thoughtful … considering I love connecting with people and connecting people.

I’m still drinking in what I was totally unprepared for to wrap up my birthday tonight (I mean last night). The facebook wishes, emails, SMSes as well as an early surprise postcard from Penang (*smile*) and a special present from my God son were a steady wave of attention and showers of love. I also got my yearly call from a friend from my secondary school days who has consistently called me for 21 years every October 1st to wish me happy birthday. Mom cooked the usual potato dish … it was a weekday so as a family we didn’t plan anything spectacular …

So, the surprise I got tonight was a fitting climax … just something to jolt me out of my sitting mode … to jump out and stand up … very much symbolic of many little experiences which has marked my growth in the past year. Now looking back, I have never been totally prepared for many things in my life, and I’m often surprised by where I am at even now.

The truth is … I would have never been here at this stage on my growth as a human being without friends old and new playing some part in the little nudges along the way, or surprising jolts to get me out of my comfort zone. And in between, a lot of consistent sharing and listening helping me to see with new eyes, feel in areas I’ve never noticed, and pushed to think thought which often has been alien to my system.

My heart has been strangely warmed tonight … even for one who thrives and enjoy change and surprises .. tonight has made me pause to savor the moment and treasure the memory by dwelling on it a little bit more before I sleep.

Terima Kasih …. Thank you .. Xie Xie … Nandri …


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5 thoughts on “Examen Interlude: Even I get surprises …

  1. glad you enjoyed it all. we enjoyed it even more, catching you unawares 😉 in umm.. your homegear. God bless ya!

  2. Muahahahahahaha!

  3. Jo-Ann

    Happy to make you happy! 🙂

  4. many happy returns…catcha *tomorrow*! 🙂

  5. Thanks to all of you … I hope to improve on the way I’m “connecting people” 🙂

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