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Who do YOU say is most influential?

While this question might still interest me some what, but it doesn’t excite me that much 🙂

Willow Creek’s Discipleship Problem: How to Fix the Seeker-driven Church

I appreciate the honest admission and accessment here. This excites me more.

‘Is our society broken? Yes, I think it is’

Wisdom from a man with lots of white hair …

“Is our society broken? I think it is,” he says. “We are in a phase of our culture where the fragmentation of society is far more obvious. It’s not just families, it is different ethnic communities and economic groups. We talk about access and equality the whole time, but in practice we all seem to live very segregated lives.”

“We are too celebrity obsessed, we have got into a dangerous cycle where fame is an objective in itself.”

“Children live crowded lives, we’re not making their lives easy by pressurising them, whether it’s the claustrophobia of gang culture or the claustrophobia of intense achievement in middle-class areas.”

“Happiness happens when you are not thinking about it, when you are inhabiting your body comfortably… when you feel at peace with yourself and the world. When we live overprotective, overstimulated lives we expect more all the time, we find it hard to be unself-conscious and just do what we do, we overanalyse.”

orthopathy…or the way of the heart.

First time I’m giving Jonathan Edwards some airplay here …

“The holy Scriptures do everywhere place religion very much in the affection; things such as fear, hope, love, hatred, desire, joy, sorrow, gratitude, compassion, and zeal. It is evidence that true religion, or holiness of heart, lies very much in the affection of the heart, that the Scriptures place the sin of the heart very much in hardness of heart. …Now by a hard heart, is plainly meant an unaffected heart, or a heart not easy to be moved with virtuous affections.” (Jonathan Edwards, About Religious Affections, 23-24.)”

A Local Church Truly United

I think this makes sense:

The one Church is to be envisioned as a conciliar fellowship of local churches which are themselves truly united. In this conciliar fellowship, each local church possesses, in communion with the others, the fullness of catholicity, witnesses to the same apostolic faith, and therefore recognizes the others as belonging to the same Church of Christ and guided by the same Spirit.”

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